Investing in an audio, visual, or communication system for your organization is an important decision. Even more critical is proper and regular maintenance for your AV equipment’s to avoid likely system mishaps that could cause personnel downtime and a loss on revenue opportunities.
This is why Aakansha service & support agreements are also vital to your audio-video investments if you want to ensure your equipment remains in good working condition, especially when communication is most vital and at the core of your organization.

Akasha maintenance programs provide clients with on-going support to ensure the audio-visual system continues to operate at the optimum level. We provide flexible maintenance and service levels for all of our installations as well as for your existing systems. Our standard maintenance contract keeps your system in the best shape possible and minimizes downtime.
Key services Offered by Aakansha

  • On Call & Call-site Technical Support
  • Post-Sales Support.
  • Regular Preventative Maintenance Visits by our engineer to check the site is up and working.
  • Rapid response on Maintenance call
  • Onsite support during critical events
  • Firmware and Software Upgrades
  • Maintenance call out with 24 hours turn around or even same day
  • Repairs at cost-effective value.
  • Regular cleaning service of AV parts

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